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Conservation Areas

River Red Gum Reserve
Bundoora Park is full of many natural environmental wonders. Some of the River Red Gums within the park have been here for hundreds and hundreds of years.

These are some of the oldest River Red gums in the Melbourne area. Conserving these magnificent trees has been a major objective for staff at Bundoora Park.

A River Red Gum Regeneration Area has been set aside adjacent to the main entrance of the park and provides a great introduction to the park from Plenty Road.
River Red Gum
The revegetation of the area has taken place over the past three years and is an attempt to restore the park to its original glory full of the majestic River Red Gums.

A walking path and seats have been installed within the area.
Woody Grasslands
The woody grassland conservation area is situated in the southwest corner of Bundoora Park.

It is a beautiful setting full of indigenous grasses and woodland trees. It is one of the few remaining remnant grasslands in this area.

In springtime, the blooming wildflowers are remnant examples of the original woody grasslands flora. Bulbine Lily, Chocolate Lily, Slender Rice Flower, and Milk Maids are some of the wildflowers on show at this time.
Woodland trees in the Woody Grasslands
Where are the Conservation Areas?
The maps below pinpoint each conservation area, while the Bundoora Park Map shows where the conservation areas are within Bundoora Park.
River Red Gum
Reserved Picnic Areas on Bundoora Park Map
Parking available on Curtain Street.

Woody Grasslands
Map of Woody Grassland area at Bundoora Park
Parking available on Grasslands Road.

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